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Raise Your Hand with PED

Happy New Year from the PED family! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and that 2013 is off to great start for you. We’re ready to kick 2013 off with a bang and appreciate your continued support as we make this our best year yet.

On January 26, we’ll be hosting a premiere for our very first PED mission statement video, which provides an in-depth look at the education system in Uganda. This premiere is incredibly important to our 2013 programs and we hope you’ll join us! Mark your calendars and bring your friends and family!

When: Saturday, January 26, 2013, 7-9 pm

Where: Instituto Cervantes Chicago, 31 W. Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60654


   and visit our Facebook event page

In the meantime: If you’re already part of the PED family and want to demonstrate your continued support, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and download our “Raise Your Hand” cover and profile image – then, upload it as your own profile picture with the caption provided.

As always, we appreciate your help!




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Uganda: Work and Play

We owe BIG props to Milton (PED’s Uganda Director) and Abdul (PED site supervisor).  They played a huge part in facilitating a meeting between our PED staff and the staff of St. James.

Meeting Goal:  Prioritize needs and self-sustainability projects desired by staff

Outcome:  A well thought-out list of 8 business projects and 11 needs that can be supplied through support and future income.   Great progress completed in a completely respectful and collaborative process!

The rest of the day was spent playing games with the adorable and energetic children of St. James.  Can’t wait to continue the progress and adventures!


Abdul and Milton address St. James



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Empowerment and Justice, not Charity.

Most nonprofit organizations are in the business to do good. If this is true, then how could one ever go out of business? The answer would surprise you. One thing that many nonprofits could improve on is getting people excited about what they do, from both a donor and clientele standpoint. This is an area that Pangea Educational development was founded on. We aim to engage members of the community by working side by side with them so that there is a face and relationship with every investment we make in the community. We do this to empower others, not simply give things (charity). The hope is that they will eventually empower others in their own and other communities as well. Check out what Melinda Gates has to say about the subject in a recent Ted Talk.

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

-Bill Gates


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School is not for Everyone, but Education is

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “School gets in the way of education”, but honestly, who really knows who said it?  Many people use this quote without giving credit to anyone. Some claim their dad said it. I like to be honest with you, that little gem isn’t mine. Despite the quote’s author confusion, it still rings true.  Even as a teacher, I am a firm believer that school is not for everyone. You know it, I know it, colleges know it.  However, despite knowing that fact, colleges and universities will still accept your money. It happens countless times; young adults being thrust into college life because of peer pressure, parental pressure, or societal pressure.  Many are paying thousands (or their parents) of dollars for an education they either don’t want, don’t care about, or can’t really handle at the time.

My suggestion? Take a year off. Don’t just sit on  your mom’s couch and play Xbox for 10  hours a day. Well, just don’t do that every day. Find a job, even if it’s part time, volunteer in your community,and, if you can, travel. Travel really does broaden the mind.  Exotic touristy destinations offer relaxation, but volunteer trips can offer clarity and appreciation.   Traveling to places that challenge you and gets you out of your comfort zone can offer long term inspiration and short term motivation. PED would be a great outlet for this. If Uganda really isn’t your style, then choose another organization like GoAbroad. A volunteer trip will cost you a couple thousand dollars, but the education you receive is absolutely priceless.

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Student Summer Plans

As the school year winds down, I’ve been asking my students about their summer plans. Shockingly enough, none of them said anything in regards to reading or continuing their ever important education in an independent manner.  I figured as much. Even though I know most of my students will take to their beds and sofas and won’t see the light of day until at least an hour in the PM, I know that many will find it hard to fill some of the dog days of summer. PED and other local non-profits can really help these kids cure their boredom.  Some eager and fortunate college aged students will be traveling to Uganda with fellow PED board members, but what of those high school kids with nothing but time?  Many of my students will be volunteering their time with Feed the Children this summer.   Others will be helping clean up the local Rock River.  Even though PED is a global non-profit, we appreciate the value of community work.   Many people would love to join us on one of our yearly trips to Uganda, but simply don’t have the funds. However, volunteering with a local non-profit can be just as rewarding and cost virtually nothing. So what are your plans this summer? A trip to Vegas? Carribean cruise?  Well, if you can’t go anywhere exotic because you’re strapped for cash, take a trip to a local shelter and lend a hand. Trust me, it will feel much better than losing $100 in a slot machine.

Find local, independent non-profit organizations in your area:


– Adam

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It’s All About Community

As each of us at Pangea Educational Development have been reminiscing about our successful launch event, I began to start counting. Yes, the donations given were of course a wonderful contribution to our mission, but I began counting heads too. There were 100 people (give or take) who came out to support us on Saturday evening, dressed in swanky outfits having no idea what they had just gotten themselves into. At least half of that number responded saying that they had prior commitments and couldn’t make it. I’m not great at math, but the count we’re looking at is about 150 people in relation to that event. Add members of our campus initiatives at Michigan State University, DePaul University, and Students [ex)Change Programs at various elementary and high schools around the Chicagoland area and then add our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, and this blog and we begin to get the picture that there are a few people who believe in and support our mission.

From those 150 who attended, we raised enough money to build a library at Tooro High School in Fort Portal, Uganda. It was just a year ago that an unincorporated group of people from Chicago went over to Uganda to make a difference, fundraising the money with their own family and friends. So what’s the significance of this? Between the two, what is the difference?

Nonprofit organizations are meant to meet the needs of communities where the public and private sectors fall short. These organizations of people work collectively in different capacities to achieve this goal. Some work on the staff of the movement while others show and spread their support by engaging their friends, family, and communities in the events put on by them from collecting shoes to attending benefits. Some volunteer their time in schools in their own community to combat the challenges our school face at home – no matter where they live. Others span the globe to take part in the work we are doing in underprivileged areas of the world. And others simply “like” or “retweet” things we put on or social media sites.

All of these people are a part of Pangea Educational Development and an integral part of our mission. That, I believe is the beauty of nonprofits: they bring people together. We are the converging point of different races, religions, nations, languages, genders, socioeconomic status’, and many more for the sake of our mission to make a quality education accessible to as many children as possible by equipping schools with the resources they need and to make them self-sustainable to allow them to begin to meet their own needs.

To get more involved with our movement, check out available positions, our volunteer program, Students [ex]Change, take part in our Shoe Campaign, or check out our calendar and attend our monthly board meeting!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


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We have lift off….Thank You!

Saturday May, 14th marked a night to remember in PED history. Dedicated attendees weathered the storm and were in session for our “first day of school”. The night was a celebration of the journey and mission ahead for Pangea Educational Development. One of the most memorable moments of the evening was when Providence Rubingisa gave his inspirational story of perseverance, courage, and hope from the Rwandan genocide to the Executive Director of Stuff for the Poor. To end the night with a bang, attendees enjoyed and even participated with African dancers from Urban Gateways, whose energy and passion contagious.

With the generosity of our members, we were able to purchase an entire library worth of books for Tooro high school. This provides a school that only had a text book per subject prior to the event, with an entire set of text books for each of the students. This was quite an inspiring moment that will give the gift of an education to the students of Tooro for years to come. The library will be constructed with the PED volunteers and the students of going to Uganda in late June.

We cannot thank those who attended and donated enough. We are teachers, students, and volunteers on a mission to help provide a fair education to students and schools around the world, but we cannot do it without you. Thank you from the Pangea Educational Development family for giving us inspiration to fuel our mission.

Andrew Bauer

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