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The heart of our organization lies in the work we do on-site to develop sustainable programs in underprivileged areas. Stay tuned to this tab for close-ups from the field. We’ll share updates and pictures about the hands-on experiences that most inspire us.

Safari Photo’s

Today our group went on a water and land safari at Murchison Falls National Park on our way back to Kampala before departure. Check out a sampling of photos from the day:Image




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Adventures in Gulu

Hello all, I am Trevor John, a volunteer from Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  June 24th began it like any other, but instead of heading to the check out more schools with the rest of the crew, Ben and I met with Bosco.  He showed us Mercy’s Village yesterday and today he was going to show us the town of Gulu.  We began our adventure with Bosco taking us to the market and we saw many things, including many different types of fruits and vegetables along with fish, meat and even dried white ants (which tasted better then they looked).  After our excursion shopping at the market we  continued on to see the rest of the city.  He walked us through a magnificent park and showed us many of the primary and secondary schools along with the local mosque. While walking around the city we came across the Bank of Uganda where we, but mainly Ben made a very big mistake.

On our adventure we were taking many pictures of the local scenery, but due to the threat of terrorism many buildings are not allowed to be photographed without permission.  We didn’t know that the Bank of Uganda was one of these buildings.  Ben decided to take a picture of the nice looking building with a guard standing in front.  Immediately after snapping the photo the security guard came up to us and started questioning us about the photo.  He asked to see Ben’s camera and nervously Ben showed him the picture.  I deleted the single photo right away, but he still asked to see our passports. While answering questions two more guards came out of the gated complex and led us into the complex.  After nervously waiting the head guard came and introduced himself and wanted to know what we were doing.  He told us that we were very lucky we were Americans because photographing the bank was a serious violation. He escorted us out of the complex and even though we spent less then ten minutes detained it felt like a lifetime.

After all this it was still early in the afternoon and we headed back to the hotel.  Bosco headed home and Ben and I took a brief nap. After recovering we headed back to the market and purchased a soccer ball for 20,000 Shillings.  We started playing in the park and soon many children came and joined us. It was quite a experience to play soccer for 3 hours with all these children who never met us, but we became friends through a game.  When it was time to meet back up with the team we parted ways, Ben and I gaining a valuable lesson in soccer playing and our new friends received a new soccer ball.

Even after being detained it was a excellent day, we made a lot of friends and enjoyed our time in Gulu.


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Two Weeks Until Liftoff!

With just under two weeks to go until we take off for Uganda, our team is busier than ever in preparing for their life changing experience. Many team members (including myself) are fundraising their final dollars to pay for the trip. If interested, you can support those who are still fundraising here!

Being our first post I’d like to inform you as to exactly what you will be able to find on this page. Each week leading up to our departure I will be updating friends, family, and followers of the Pangea Educational Development (PED) community on our preparations for our trip. Once we leave this page will be updated every single night we spend in Uganda. Everything from pictures, video, and team member journal entries will be posted here. We hope this page can give you a taste of the life changing experiences that our team will have in Uganda this summer as we volunteer for and make relationships with students at Tooro High School and St. James Primary School.

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