Our First Few Days in Uganda – A Post By Rachel Paulus

After 30 long hours of traveling, we have finally made it to Uganda! On our first morning here, we awoke to the sound of chickens and roosters, much different from the sound of sirens and cars that we typically wake up to in Chicago. Our first breakfast consisted of fresh fruit and eggs, all of which was noticeably different in taste from the food we have at home. That day we made the six-hour trek to Gulu where we began work at the Gulu Remand Home the following morning. Although initially shy and reserved, the boys at the Remand Home have begun to interact with the volunteers much more. Every day around lunchtime, I’ve found myself competing in a game of scrabble with the boys and fellow volunteers. Over the course of the four days that we have been working at the Remand Home, we have been able to start and complete the foundation for a building to house chicken coops. Although my manual labor skills cannot compare to those of the boys we are working with, I’m proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time! Our next step is to continue laying the brick walls before installing the roof for the chicken coop. We only have three workdays left, but I’m sure we will be able to complete the project.  Tomorrow morning, all of the volunteers will attend church before playing soccer with the students of Awach Secondary School; wish us luck! At the end of the week we are able to go on both a land and water safari, an experience that I’m sure will be one of the many highlights of my trip! Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates as we near the completion of our project! 


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